Regexpr help

hello guys,

i’m working with a huge database. and i have to “cut out” certain information, for example, i have this in a mysql table:

1,019,387 (France) (18 January 2000)
1,038,108 (Germany) (31 August 2000)
157,110 (Netherlands) (31 December 2000)
123,038 (Netherlands) (31 December 1999)
158,537 (Netherlands)
744,620 (Spain)
55,145 (Sweden) (30 December 1999)

USD 63,000,000

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Monarchy Enterprises B.V. and Regency Entertainment (USA), Inc.

and now i want only “USD 63,000,000” and nothing of the rest.
i tried to say take everything with space befor and behind…
but i didn’t get behind the right code of regexpr yet

Matching invisble characters can be quite confusing - It might help to use the Byte (String) node to see your data fragment in hexadecimal digits and then use the \x_nn_ syntax in regexpr to match the particular linefeed/carriage return sequence before and after the final amount.

btw. feels somehow like a quite commercial project :) do you need a license?

mmmh jeah it seems, its a sudent projekt. The first on our highshool using VVVV. Hope they spend some money for licensing after seeing our nice project…

btw: we try to visualise movies in history via