Regarding Splicers and Vector2


Apologies in advance for the very basic question. I am new to the framework and was following some of the tutorial videos to get a better understanding of the framework. I have attached an image of the problem I am having for some reason. I am not sure I understand why the problem occurs. I am following the tutorial as is, and was trying to connect the Vector2 pin from the splicer to the DrawImage Position pin. However, I am unable to connect the two pins together despite them both being Vector2. I loaded up the packaged tutorial .vl files, and I am able to connect them on those files, however I am not able to do the same on my personal .vl files. Could someone give me any guidance as to why this occurs, or if I am doing anything wrong?

Thank you very much in advance for your time.

Kind regards.

Hey, and welcome!

It looks like the DrawImage node there is not really inside the ForEach region but just over it.

Try selecting the DrawImage node and press SPACE while slightly moving it. That should put the node inside the region (which would also get rid of the orange warning on the output splicer), and allow you to connect the Vector2 to it.

Does that help? It’s rather confusing indeed, you should not be allowed to connect something to an output splicer if the node is not inside the region.


edit : this is what should no be allowed :)


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there’s usecases for linking into regions, so i’d say it should be allowed.

but yes, the visual representation should reflect it somehow.

Maybe I’m a bit slow but why would you connect something from outside of a region to an output splicer?

ok, i was too quick…
i often link to output diamonds in if regions.
but yes, linking to an output splicer is at least very exotic.
Maybe you have a pad with a collection in your datatype, that you need to couple to other things.

I’d still vote for allowing it but also visualize it :)

Thank you very much for your quick reply!

I see now. That makes sense why it wouldn’t work in my case then. It’s also good to know about this in the future. Is there some sort of an indicator that denotes if an object is not inside the loop? Was the little orange warning on the output splicer what gives it away?

Once again, many thanks!

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None that I’m aware of :)

Kind of, under normal circumstances (when the node is inside the region) this warning is not there, but even in this case the warning it shows has nothing to do with the fact that it’s outside the region.

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I still think, regions should be drawn on top of nodes and links, and block the interaction for everything that is underneath…