Referencing my VL.Helpers "globally" like a nuget

hi all,

I have a vl library of helpers which I use in multiple documents. But if I move the patches inbetween folders my references get lost. I would like to reference my vl.helpers in a way that works like a nuget, so that I have to reference it just once for each vl version I use.

@joreg already pointed me to this arcticle in the grey book, but I neither find an “args.txt” in vl, nor the “vl-libs” folders.

I tried creating a args.txt in my vl root with the starting argument and the path to my patches (which I put in “vvvvgammaversion\lib\packs” and followed the naming convention “VL.MyHelpers” but it does not work.

i clarified the location of the arg.txt in the mentioned article. regarding “vl-libs”: as the article says, this is just a directory you create yourself, anywhere.

so you’d somewhere on disk have:


and in args.txt you specify:

--package-repositories [path-to]\vl-libs

then VL.MyHelpers should show up among the available VL nugets in the menu.

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this is even easier with the gamma launcher, where you just add the path to vl-libs in the XML file of the launcher. then you can enable/disable source libs per start:

haven’t used args.txt since that…


Maybe there should be a menu to add your own lib folder. I was not aware of this somehow and simply put my stuff inside the regular nuget folder ( i know…rtfm)

A default folder inside “Documents\vvvv\gamma-preview” for example would be nice since its easier to explain to others.
I guess these features could all be added to Gamma Launcher :)

hey there!
what feature are you missing in GammaLauncher? you can already specify any directory you like as a vl-libs folder by editing the XML settings file!

Oh i just thought it would be nice to change the repo folder list inside gamma-launcher or Gamma itself via a menu. Changing the xml or args.txt is fine for me, but having a menu visible in the UI would show the feature/option custom lib folders to users who dont know about it.

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I just posted something similar on the contribs page. I feel this would ease accessing those options.

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