Reduce vertices | simplify meshes


Is it possible to reduce or simplify the resolution of individual meshes? (not the ones of the grid or the sphere)
For example the mesh of the teapot: It consist of over 3000 vertices. Is it possible to reduce them ans generate a more low polygon look?

Thanks for helping.

hello, something like this should be done with a 3d software before loading a mesh into vvvv. for example the open source modeller blender could do it.

there is no node in vvvv to do it in realtime…

i made a patch once to do this manually
i imported a mesh from blender which had a whole bunch of useless repeated data

so i made a patch which:

  1. presents the positions of all the vertices from the original mesh as spehres.
  2. presents the original mesh
  3. allows the user to select 3 vertices
  4. records the vertices used
  5. repeats steps 3,4

then i stored the output (3d coords of triangle verticies) in an iobox

then can rebuild the mesh,
use vertice indicies like (0,1,2,0, 3,4,5,3, etc)

think the number of verticies used was reduced by about 80%

maybe this helps you a little to get there. the indexing though will be a harder nut…

Clean (Spreads BinSize).zip (5.1 kB)

oh, this one also might be helpful.

Group (3d).zip (9.9 kB)