RedNodesDay GeomFX

Hi all,

I´m having problems getting many of the geomFX to work.
Even (well espacially) the helpfiles don´t seem to work,

I got a lot of Red Nodes and Red Pins and I can´t figure out, which packs I missed to install.


Looks like this for many helpfiles.

I installed happy.fxh and most recent dx11-stuff, but it´s still not working.

Cheers, Chris

did you name the folder “happy.fxh” ?
when downloading from git it is called “master-happy.fxh”
made that stupid mistake once…

Yes, it´s happy.fxh.
Is it correct, that the instance noodles folder ist called “InstanceNoodles_1”?
Or may this be the problem?

InstanceNoodles it should be, that can therfore brake stuff

There we go! Heplfiles up and running.

The downloadable zip in contributions leads to a file called
If you just unpack this to packs, the naming is wrong.

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