Redistributable needs to be installed but is already, but actually not

hi all

ok vvvv setup tells me to install

C++ 2015 x64 14.0.24215
but the ms setup itself tells me that another version of it is already installed.
thing is - installed programms shows that there is no 2015 version installed. closest ones are:

C++ 2013 x64 12.0.21005
C++ 2017 x64 14.10.25008

how to proceed?

well, if “installed programs” says no 2015 version is installed but the installer complains there is already such an installation i’m afraid you’ll have to find out what’s going on with your windows installation. i don’t have any idea about that.

have you still tried running vvvv? do you get any error?

hm. it takes literally 5minutes to start, but it works.
I will put a clean image on the pc next week.


we’ve just noticed the same here on some of our machines. seems ms has renamed (or whatever) the 2015 version to 2017. horray! so with b35.5 and earlier you’ll see setup.exe showing 2015 missing even though vvvv will still run (when it is actually installed).

latest alphas now check for the 2017 version in setup.exe. thanks for the report!

do I get internet points for this?

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