Red nodes

There are some problems with downloaded vvvv’s patchs I usually get around the web, I always find some nodes RED! and I don’t exactly know how can I fix them!

  • Did you download addons?
  • Did you follow correct installation steps for addons?
    Often is a problem about nodes and paths, but anyway, if you post links to those patches, or upload a screenshot with mouse cursor on a red node, someone will be able to help (but first try points 1 & 2).

Red nodes are an indicator that the node is missing, it was renamed, or the path to the node is not correct anymore. You can:

  1. Check in which vvvversion the downloaded patch was created in and use the same vvvversion
  2. Make sure any additional shaders and plugins used by the patch are in the correct folder
  3. And also check what h99 wrote in his reply