Red frame (AudioEngine of vvvv gamma)

How to deal with the red frame.Thanks.

Looks like you have to install an Asio driver. If there isn’t dedicated one for your soundcard you can use Asio4All or the driver that comes with FLStudio. According to @mburk and @readme the latter seems to be more reliable.


I can also confirm I have had good experiences with the ASIO driver of FL Studio.
It’s a bit odd that you have to install this huge software just to get the FL ASIO driver. But you can deinstall FL Studio afterwards and just keep the driver.

I installed FLStudio and didn`t deinstall FLStudio. But It still not work.

You need to select the FL ASIO Driver in the AudioEngine, left input pin.

Thanx chk.

I rightclicked the frame and found the “type” is already AsioInputDevice.

And I tryed to select another type and then select back to AsioInputDevice.But it`s still red.

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