Red Enum IOs

I´m getting red nodes nodes from addonpack-modules after updating from an installation from Beta 36 to 39. The problem seems to be the same for all red nodes: there´s an enum-io-box attached to a technique that is selected correct but still being red:

As I don´t want to mess around with addonpack-modules… is there any known solution to this?

Best, C

Maybe try to erase this io’s and recreate re save and see if that helps

Actually I replaced the IOs, re-placed the existing module-nodes by newly created ones, then had to edit the addonpack-modules and replace the IOs in there, too. Afterwards it now seems to work.
This, I guess, until I have to update the installation next time.

Seems to be some kind of bug, doesn´t it?
I shouldn´t have to edit addonpack-modules to get stuff up and running in my opinion.

I stumble upon problems with enums ever so often.
Problem solved in a way but I am a bit curious about why this happens.

I’m actually noticed this behavior with firmata nodes, when I updated some random installation to lates 39 preview, all the enums in the patch are red before you click there…
But I thought that’s the alpha behavior, prolly deserve to look more closer on that

@cznickesz is there a patch you can share that demonstrates this? this would be a patch that you saved with b36 and that when we open it with b39 it would show said behavior.

Hi Joreg, the patch is actually under NDA, so I can´t share it. I can try to strip it down to the important parts and see, if it still shows the behaviour, though. I´ll see what I can do to help.

Here we go, stripped it down and removed flight data stuff, so it should be okay to share.
Interesting enough, the blend node doesn´t show the behaviour anymore, but the pillow does.
The other red nodes are solved and not based on the same problem.
I already saved in Beta39 now by the way, but still pillow doesn´t work for me as long as I do not touch the module. (4.9 KB)

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