Recursive Download

Is it possible to create a recursive download of a file on a server not owned by me (Yahoo!). I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible due to not being able to access the file through ftp and only having a direct URL?!

ps sorry about all the questions i’m a relative noob to this

can you explain what you mean with recursive download ?

downloading a .txt file repeatedly :-)

Isn’t HTTP (Network) Get the node you could use for it? and repeatedly bang the “Refresh”- Inlet?

you rock…thank you so much

Note to self and to anyone who comes across this thread. Don’t refresh this node too many times when accessing yahoo! or any other server. You are likely to get your IP banned for a while

The HTTP (Network GET) node has two outlets (OnFail and OnSuccess) which bang if a Request fails/times out or is successfull. You can connect them to the refresh pin via framedelay. That way you only refresh if the previous attempt has finished and minimize the risk of being banned for hammering a server.

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