Rectangles are ambiguous

An patched I loaded into Gamma is seeing annotated rectangles ambiguously:

Last working version was saved in Preview 215, error occurred in Preview 258.

It would be very helpful if you could upload a patch so we can see what files are referenced to verify if there is indeed an ambiguity or not (there was a change regarding this in the two versions you’re comparing and would like to know if we need to consider it as a bug or not).

@Elias , sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Here: (217.6 KB)

Go into the LinkModel2 class and the ClosestEdgePoint process. Tested with 275 today and the error is still present, though without the ‘reference is ambiguous’ hint.

Thanks for the report. This issue should be fixed in the most recent build (289). You’ll however have to re-apply the type annotation on that particular pad because the current one is so to say “pinned” to the wrong rectangle.

The type rendering has also been improved, error messages such as the above should be much more readable in the future, for example:
or another long time confusing one

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