Rectangle nodebrowser creation

why do i have to make the extra decision in the nodebrowser, when i want to create a skia rectangle. there is anchor,position etc. it doesnt matter which one i choose, i always get the same rectangle. that’s confusing.

in c# i would just create an object, without being confronted with its properties.

i guess there is a design reason but looking at this specific example, it doesnt make sense to make this extra step.


edit: and while looking at the node browser screenshot, i’m still not a big fan of the layout. still looks like a “baustelle” ;)

the thing is, that there’s several (2) versions or overloads of the [Rectangle]. one deals with position and size, the other one with anchor and bounds object. so they differ in their signature.

at some point one has to decide which overload you want to have. the idea behind that is basically, that you don’t have to choose the overload directly, but choose input pin(s). so, as soon as you click for example Position in your screenshot, the system know, that you want the overload that comes with pos and size and so the decision process is over.

i totally agree, that this interface (which is just listing all possible parameters from all signatures) is not ideal, but afaik only an intermediate solution to be at least somehow able to choose the right overload.

this is not entirely correct, position, anchor and size create the same node, bounds does another one. at least it does here.

the user is confronted with 4 options instead of 2. that can be improved i guess.

absolutely. this was an experiment and we’re aware of its shortcommings. as mentioned previously the nodebrowser is a very complex multifaceted thing. and it will see a rework at some point.

thanks sebl and joreg, tricky it is. it probably needs an extra step/definition on the dev side how to present overloads, which doesnt make things easier.

note to myself:
i need to make my own lib to see the dev side of things.

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