Recreating my synthesizer's ADSR

Dear vvvvers,
I’m busy creating an audiovisual synth by recreating behaviours of a yamaha reface cs and sending data of it via midi. The midi-data then influences visual parameteres (e.g. alpha channel) of an image that get’s again triggered by midinotes. I’m currently a bit stuck with the ADSR envelope. I"ve gotten very far using ADSR (Animation TimeBased).
My main problem is the following:
Once the adsr node receives an input and the value is changing according to the envelope, changes to, let’s say the release node, are not influencing the value “live” as it is going through the envelope.

To illustrate it more: So let’s say I’d have a release of 20 seconds on the ADSR node. I send a bang on the input. The value has already gone through the a,d & s - stages but now then 6 seconds into it’s release I want it to go down faster. So I’m lowering the release but it doesn’t make any difference, it will still take 20 seconds in total.

Reason this is a problem for me is that a synthesizer behaves differently. The signal always get’s influenced live.
Would anyone have an idea how to solve this? Is there an easy fix or do I need to completely build my own ADSR? Happy for any replies!
Also adding my patch if anyone feels like tinkering around, “beginnetje” is the first (26.0 KB)

You can try to patch your own ADSR like so…
ADSR filter.v4p (4.3 KB)

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Antokhio, thanks a lot for the patch! This looks indeed like a good basis for creating my own. Gonna go ahead with it and will post it once I have it finished :)

Hi, i played a bit more with that patch and had some sirious doubts about it… also looked on to ADSR implementations. I must say, with some trial and error you can get something working out of it, but it will be alot of struggle…

I’m guessing maybe @tonfilm can make you some better example to start with…

Getting back into this…indeed a tough piece of math! If anyone else here got some tips, I’d be very glad for help :) Morph value is a good start, but it would make a more complicated patch to get a complete ADSR out of it!

this can be achieved with minor change in the ADSR implementation. if you open the VL patches, you only need to re-applying the settings whenever the ADSRSettings change.

which vvvv version do you use?

Hey, I’m still on beta 50. 35. Didn’t manage to get into VL yet, guess it’s about time.

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