Recreating AE CC Flo Motion with VVVV

Hello vvvvers,

I have been trying to recreate this effect all day. I uploaded it, for a better understanding.

It is simply a grid deformed by two spheres, that pinch into it.

I want to do a contour detection and deform the image, just like a finger pushing into the grid.

The problem is, that I don’t have the mathematical know-how to find out which vertices (index-number) are to be deformed. I can’t match the 2d-coordinates I retrieve from contour to a number of points, let’s say 25. And I can’t figure out how to make a gradually deformation for all the other points around the center.

Hmm… I just notice that I also lack of the language to describe my problem properly. I hope the attached patches make clear, what the problem is.


drehwurm (7.6 kB)

if i get you right, you should have a look at this: deformshaderpack-(ex9.texture-filter)

Thanks very much. Magnify will do it! VVVV ist just great. You can can do anything with it, all you have to do, is to know how ;)