Recording video and exporting to .avi or .gif using writer node?


I am in the midst of creating a patch that allows a user to record himself and the video to be exported into .avi format.

However, I noticed that the file sizes are really huge. So I tried compressing it and even making it to a smaller screen size. But those did not work. Is there a solution to this?

I noticed that the latest DX11 Writer node has an output that allows export to .gif format. I thought of connecting a videoin to the writer and letting it capture image sequences and then merging it together into a .gif format? Would that work?

Otherwise, what would be the best way to capture these video recordings/ image sequences? Ultimately, I want to export a short clip regardless it being .gif or .avi…

I’ve attached my patch below. Any help will be greatly appreciated! :) (246.4 kB)

you could use SendKeyboard(System) to record with a screencapture software like Bandicam.

I’ll keep that in mind! But I want to find a solution with using vvvv at the moment without having to rely on another software. Only on last resort.

I like 2xSSD in Raid0 with Writer writing the DDS, I’ve managed to record streams of resolution as large as 6k recorded in real-time, although the amount of data is just huge then…

Second option is a non-realtime rendering where applicable, advancing the frame once the previous one was successfully written.

As purf. sugessted, Bandicam is a good choice in most cases.

have u try texture-avi-writer-(dx11)