Recording the Oculus RIFT DK2 ?!? What a FUCKER!

Hi elephant lovers and foot fetishists,

How THE FUCK, (and I stress the “THE FUCK” part), are we meant to record the video feed of the RIFT DK2?

I have failed miserably with so many different set-ups and even using recording devices, etc. Yes I ended up using FRAPS, which is not pretty and I am not proud of. And I got framerate drop etc… BUT is it the only way? Please note I haven’t tried NVIDIA SHADOWPLAY thing… Question regarding this at the end…

Here is what I tried:

-Recording on device using AVERMEDIA LIVE GAMER PORTABLE: plug Pc output into device hdmi input and plug rift in the device hdmi output, kinda like a pass-throuhg, and that did work on DK1. HOWEVER it fails on DK2 you just get Rift light blinking blue/orange… Whether you select record on pc mode or record on sd-card mode, STILL it’s doesn’t work.

-Using Pc monitor: since Rift dk2 only seems to work in “extended display” mode, this doesn’t work, I can’t get image on pc monitor as it only appears inside the RIFT. “duplicate” monitor pc settings does not work, you get some weird portrait aspect ratio with screen flipped 90 degrees: DOES NOT WORK

-Using TV as pass-through: Someone told me you can pass through HDMI on new tv kinda input/output HDMI, someone really insisted this is the way. I bought new 500 quid tv last week, tried every hdmi plugging combination under the sun. NONE WORKS.

-Using FRAPS or some other shitty recording software: Yeah that works and also slows your machine making your framerate under the required/recommended 75fps framerate.


Has anyone got experience of using NIVIDIA SHADOWPLAY screengrabbing thing? Does it perform well? Could this be the only solution?

Otherwise has anyone managed to record the RFIT DK2 and if so HOW?

everyoneishappy explained how he had to re render the whole thing in a “simplified” oculus render window (without picture bend etc) And then basically record that one on monitor I suppose. As much as this may work we agree it’s just a hack and requires more resources, any solutions guys/girls/orang-outangs?

I am fucking baffled, my dear sirs.

dxtory for the win ;]
however i would use some pass-thru method… however thouse pricks can pack their image data how thay want… U need to make sure u have this spec:
Resolution 960 x 1080 per eye
Refresh Rate 75 Hz, 72 Hz, 60 Hz
passed on ur device…
that’s might work but not sure 75 supported
Datapath most reliable but i’ve would go for test first and make sure there is no Analog RGB crap
ah yea check if u can change to 60 Hz in display manger first

Welcome to the many joys of the 1080x1920 (portrait) format the DK2 uses vs. 1920x1080 (landscape) format every other piece of video equipment on earth uses. Hardware solutions just don’t handle it.

I feel your pain, I have been unable to find a wireless solution for the DK2 for this reason and still have to use DK1s for my “HoloBarn”. Grrrrr…

does this work? texture-avi-writer-(dx11) :P

@anton: Good shout! I’ve never tried that dxtory thing, looks dope! Thankx for poitning out the device refresh rate herz thing, will look into if the rift2 can run at 60hz then maybe it would work through recording device like avermedia.

@mediadog: What a BITCH, hey? I am also thinking there is no hardware solution, apart from screengrabbing card liek dxtory, BUT would love to know a 100% hardware only way of recording /seeing the image inside the rift dk2. How do they do it at tech demo of the dk2 when they proejct the video feed or somehow end up with dk2 video feed on a large tv?

@microdee: GREAT SHOUT! At the time I forgot about this module, it probably performs better than FRAPS in this scenario. Still as explained before a hardware solution would be best (HDMI splitter / some sort of device to get video feed onto tv or something). I am gonna run some test this week end with this module and report on this thread. Thankx for reminding me of this, I have never tried it since I bought an avermedia screengrabbing device, looks like this could be great for exactly this bitch of a rift.

DOES ANYONE ELSE KNOW OFF A HARDWARE / WIRING solution, rather than using software screen grabbers? Some posh HDMI splitter? Because ok recording “can” be done by software but what if I want to do a tech demo in a public space and would like the whole audience to be able to see what is going on inside the dk2???

That would be sweeeeeeeeeet. Cheers guys!