Recording stereo wav

I am curious, if stereo wav writing of audio files will be possible in VL.Audio as well at some point or is it actually implemented already? I know I could record two mono files and pack them using ffmpeg, but… of course it would be nice to do this directly in gamma!

The “tostereo” node provides a spread of audiosignal. Maybe just cons two mono signals?

Well, it throws an exception over here, because the WavWriter does not understand spreads.

This is currently not supported, in beta this was done using the MRecorder VST plugin, which was much better. because of that it never got developed any further.

VST will of course be available at some point, just no date on that yet.

I think recording functionality is an essential part of any audio tool. It should imho be a native part
We shouldn’t rely on third party tools for such functionality. Mrecorder is good, yes. But not practical in a vvvv seting. I remember it as tedious at best. And quite confusing if you wanted to record multi channel audio.

For now l guess you can write into buffers that you can then write to disk, but that is a bit weird if you don’t know exactly how long the recording will be. And I guess you could also use up quite a bit of memory doing that.

A direct to disk, multichannel recorder would great. I would consider it need to have.

sure, just no resources for that at the moment, also, you can always pipe the audio into another DAW and record there…

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I understand, but I think such a thing should be on the road map and workarounds not pitched as solutions in the long term.
Audio has been, still is and probably will be a second class citizen in vvvv. Maybe that is fine.

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