Recording sound to file and

Hi, everyone!

Have anybody recorded sound from a mic to the file? Is it even possible with vvvv?


yes, you can do that with the audio pack. i think the patch VSTTest.v4p in the girlpower folder records audio to disk.

Here (vvvv_45beta33.7_x64), the writer produces wav files, but they don’t open/playback (attached the patch and wav-files). Was hoping the writer can be used to record sound from various sources…

audio write (992.3 kB)

mmh, seems to work suddenly (yeah!). let’s see…

also have a look at this little helper VST: MRecorder

MRecorder worked for me, it was tricky getting the record pin exposed, I think I clicked on it then expose, but don’t know if it was a pack version thing as I also upgraded packs to the latest alpha only, rather than the beta.