Recording af control values for NRT use (FFT, MIDI, OSC...)

Hi all

Sprung from this thread: I began thinking about recording real time data, FFT, RMS, MIDI, OSC and probably more types of data in a robust way, for use later when rendering content in increment mode and not real time.

I recall trying to use @tonfilm))'s FFT recorder ((tonfilm patches#fft recorder to record fft but I had problems with lots of stutter so I gave up.

is there a way to go about recording real time data for non real time play back?


this fft recorder approach could run much better with current versions since we have file writers with append mode now… anyone fancy to try that?

Quick and dirty use can be seen here. Also I am in the process of proving easy ways to persist and log/replay Messages with json.

The advanced Writer and Reader are a great help for patching custom HD recorder. Make sure to escape any accidental line break codes to not confuse the line based reader.