Record to and and cycle through video loops

i am in the making of an installation that needs an app to let me record video loops to a folder,

the loops should be of maximum 15 seconds each.
there is some buttons, one for record, one for cycle backwards in the library and one for cycling forwards.

the project is aroung letting people put their head into a hole in a eood plate and record their facial exprression while it (the looped video) will be played on the big screen…
the big screen is a 1-meter high, 3dimensional, scuplted head.

i have done only few things in vvvv before, but i have managed to get some video-in going.
i need to know how to record to mov-file
how to shift through recorded loops

any help is greatly appreciated!
kind regards johannes

sounds’s like mess ;]
you won’t record mov with v
any try to record video slow’s down v4 2 time’s