Record Audio + Video

The Writer (DShow9) in vvvv is great for recording short videos, but what if you also wanted to have audio? From what I can tell this is not possible from within vvvv. You could record audio with something else like max/msp, pd, etc. but then the problem is syncing them? Has anyone had experience with this using vvvv or otherwise?

And I’m talking about something that would be horribly obvious if they were out of sync, like video of someone talking.


If you want to capture a fullscreen renderer in real time, you could give a try with fraps. Try it and it works well but need a decent machine (and it’s shareware).

For a non-realtime solution, @tonfilm patch a nice workaround to write some fft analisys in a file and read it to do the animation in sync with the fft analysis.

After that you just need to melt them with any other software, and should be in sync.

Alsomore, you can have some informations here

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The FFT recording is cool, but what I’m really looking for is being able to record video from a webcam along with an audio track. Then I would need the ability to save it, and recall it. And of course the trick is that this has to be user driven, something you could do from a kiosk without any special computer knowledge. A simple “record” and “stop” button that would allow you to record a video + audio sample, and then the program would also need the ability to recall those samples. I’d love to be able to do it using vvvv (at least to display the videos and manage the user experience) but I don’t know if there are any good audio/video recording/syncing programs that could interface to vvvv. So the main part that I’m stuck on is the audio/video recording without going into some production software to make it happen.

ah hah! This looks promising:

Then I just need to communicate between director and vvvv. Unless I want to just use director, but I’d rather use vvvv. I think vvvv would be more suited to the bulk of the application anyway. And I hate Lingo.

As far as vvvv director communication goes… I know something that would probably work pretty well. If there is a better way feel free to enlighten me.

In director you can embed flash, in vvvv you can embed flash, and in flash you can use a local connection to transfer data between flash players. I see no reason why this wouldn’t work for communicating between director and vvvv.

i remember that somewhere around here a command line tool for recording audio was mentioned.
i have a download link:

somebody really should add this to software tool links

you should be able to remote this with ShellExecute (Windows) .

yes i remmeber this thread , i did this little patch for this app , but did not know how to do the arguments on shellexecute so i used the record and stop with the shortcuts in the soundcapture and then i send theshortcuts
from vvvv

record sound in vvvv will be adorable

hello , i think that u can also record sound from your soundcard

Interesting, I’ll have to look into the command line recorder route, the main thing I’m worried about is the audio and video being synced during playback if they are recorded separately like that.

try camstudio:

its open source and records both audio and video