Recieve osc blob

hi all,

i need to recieve osc blob strings. possible?

thx and greetz



hi antokhio,

thx for answer, but is there a hidden information what i can not find? i cant find anything about osc blob’s



u missing the concept, osc is just a data transfer protocol. so u have something called address, and address can contain /blob/1 or /blob1/, or whatever/random/crap/app/generates
so what cha need to do is find that address, port and a host first. Then u can check out OSDecoder help patch and examples

hi antokhio,

no i am not missing the concept. i am not talking about adresses…

you can send string, int, float…and blobs!! and i want to know, if i can recieve blobs. everything else is working ;)

greetz christian

b Blob, (aka byte array) with size
T True: No bytes are allocated in the argument data.
F False: No bytes are allocated in the argument data.
N Null: (aka nil, None, etc). No bytes are allocated in
the argument data.
I Impulse: (aka “bang”), used for event triggers. No
bytes are allocated in the argument data. This type
was named “Infinitum” in OSC 1.0 optional types.

i’m thinking the OSC Decoder we have is prolly OSC 1.0 and to get this new types it says u need OSC 1.1…
But i’m pretty sure u can still receive it using asRaw pipeline, but i’ve would’t recomend to go that deep…

Message can handle blobs (byte arrays). They are “converted” to the vvvv type of Raw.

Just feed the UDP raw into AsMessage and go from there.

edit: the c# osc stuff in the vvvv-sdk supports it too, so you can write your own stuff too, if you feel up to it.