Receving MIDI 'system exclusive'

I have a Cool&Cheap Korg Nano Kontrol, and I am building a easy configuration and simulation patch. Every button and sliders seems to work okay, but there is also a button called Scene, to switch between different scene/midi settings on the device.

Using Midi-OX, and pressing the ‘scene’ button on the Korg Nano, I get this message:

0003BD42 1 – F0 Buffer: 11 Bytes System Exclusive
SYSX: F0 42 40 00 01 04 00 5F 4F 01 F7^

If there is any way I could recieve this in vvvv, I can figure out what scene the kontrol is in, hope some one knows the magic node (or combo) to do this…

Okay, wasn’t the first to try and figure this out:

Didn’t know to look for Sysex, lets hunt the C# code now :D

vvvv beta 22 will have MidiSysex (Devices) to receive midi system exclusive messages.

could someone explain me wich is the practical interrest of sys ex ?

System exclusive messages are message exclusive for the MIDI devices, like this scene button, gives out a code that is only useful for this specific Korg Nano Kontrol. It is not MIDI you can play notes with, it just tells me some settings/state the device is in.

The new MidiSysex (Devices) works great!! To bad the writer (file) node seems to fail now, still can’t update my Midi mapper… sigh.

ok got it, thxs west !