Receving data from Arduino and formatting it into a CSV

I’m receiving a data set(bunch of numbers) from an arduino i want to know if there is a way to format it into a CSV file so i can generate a graph with it later?


you should get familiar with the nodes in the string category. start with AsString (Value), Add (String) and Add (String Spectral).

finally use a Writer (File) to save the result to your disk.

Thank you sebl

The thing is i’m receiving eleven different values over a period of one second and i use the RS232 node to receive these numbers here is an example of the data stream that i see through the arduino serial monitor.




But when i use the RS232 node to receive the data it does not seem to be very consistent looks like the data is coming in in small bursts.

is there a way of waiting for all the values to come in and then write them to a csv?

hi ,i think you need to use Tokenizer to receive the data corretly, have a look to its help patch select and press F1.

and Queue (Spreads)

Thanks colorsound and sebl i’ve found a solution : D