Receiving XML in body of Post using HTTP (Network Receiver)

I’ve been asked to come up with a way to use xml received in the body of an http post to trigger different videos. The end part I can do, but I know very little about HTTP and XML.

The problem that we’ve run into as I understand it is that, the receiver node, which is constantly listening, doesn’t have a ‘body’ output pin, only name/value pairs. And the Post & Get nodes, which have ‘body’ output pins require a bang on the refresh pin to get new data, which won’t work for this data which is only momentarily transmitted upon an action at the servers end.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than building a custom plugin version of the receiver node which has a body output pin on it? I have no idea how to make dynamic plugins (only just found out such a thing exists!) but if that solution would work and anyone was able to do it for us then we’d happily pay for that plugin.

Thanks for any and all advice as ever!

Hi fatalex,

thats exactly what the restful-http-node node is made for.
There are XML Nodes available to parse the result.
checkout the example attached.

http REST + some xml parsing (2.1 MB)

Thanks a lot Korriander, we found another work around by reformatting the xml code so it could be read as a name value pair, and now parses with xpath.

But your node came in very handy for another part of the problem, posting the data in the body of a message, so thanks very much for that!