Realtime video graphics

hi everyone! im experimenting with realtime video graphics on beta using the vlc dx11 filestream. i use very small vids, just some frames in very low resolution, so the data to process is not big at all. still even when i just use the preview, the video output will start to stutter just if i draw a new link between nodes anywhere else on the surface.

I was searching in the forums and contributions about stuttering videos, but what I found I didnt understand or couldnt manage to make it work - please be patient with me. ;)

can sb explain this and perhaps has an idea how to fix?

hey tsch8n,

i’m afraid this is an inherent problem with vvvv beta, where the UI and the output are not decoupled and thus influence each other. one of the many things we tried to improve with vvvv gamma.

here you see the video options for vvvv gamma. please try with these and start a new thread if you have any questions on these.

Hi joreg, thank you for your quick clarification.

i had only a brief look on gamma and was able to manage less of what I wanted to achieve there then in beta haha
I guess i need to explore gamma a bit better then. Im glad the current hick ups are not my fault at least, was going to be a little desperate about it.

thanks again, have a good one

The interaction with the UI might not cause a problem in gamma, but won‘t the recompilation?
I also advice to learn gamma these days, but I’m not sure what you want to do (flawless livecoding without hickups) is possible there either.

@readme I fell in love with the kaleidoscope node in beta. now, when I want to put some texture.fx inbetween the filestream and the kaleidoskope on the fly, I will get those lags.

i was trying to build a workaround with preloading/ buffering the content, but neather did I manage to do that, nor do I have a clue if that would solve things. :P

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