Realtime video face tracking > to sound generation


is it possible to generate sound which has the base of face tracking data!?
if yes, how!?
if not, alternative options?

thx in advance,


using the Contour node it should be possible. with it you could extract (high contrast) regions in a face. maybe you need to attach green dots to some moving parts in the face for better results.

the Contour node outputs points surrounding the regions it recognizes. from those you should be able to extract movement in particular areas of the face.

for generation of the sound i would recommend any midi-capable software which you can send midi-data extracted from the tracked movement. for sound synthesis you would most likely want to use pd

if you are into c++ programming i would also like to recommend you the articel: HowTo FreeFrame that helps you getting started writing your own tracking nodes based on the opencv library.