Realtime LED control +++bug led

I have a problem with my teensys code.

I use realtime led control with a teensys, vvvv and ledstrip.
I use the code source of contributions of vvvv

I have modified the teensys code contributions to have 9 input instead of 1 input.
Now, vvvv works very well and the led strip show the animation of vvvv on 9 input (9 ledstrip with 8 leds).
BUT :) I have a problem withe 1 led.
The 1 led sometimes appears in red.
I do not know why.
Can anyone help me to find the problem in the code of teensys?

Thank you

Best Mike (8.5 KB)

Please describe your hardware connections.

Could be a hardware issue.

Maybe you need to add capacitors or supply power at multiple points to the LED strips for stable power.

Could also be a defective LED.

Some resources if you haven’t already looked at them:

Thank you for your reply.
i think its a problem of my power supply (resistance) and not code.
I use a power supply of 5volt 10A for 2 installations of 2x9ledstrips (1 ledstrip= 8led).
I use a resistance of 10 ohm for 1 led strip.
My led strip is a neopixel 30 led (2Ampere)

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