RealSense Straming video on Gamma 2021.4.9

Hello everyone!
I’m a beta user learning Gamma.
I have a little experience about deph sensors in beta, and now I’m starting to use RealSense on Gamma.
Using Kinect on beta, there were the possibility to playback a streaming video recorded with kinect software using Kinect2ToolsPlayback node.

There is this possibility with recorded RealSense video, on Gamma?

Thank you very much!

Hi Martina,

I guess we don’t have a player to play back RealSense videos in Gamma.

Maybe @readme has built something?


As I said, I’m quite new on Gamma…
But maybe recording a video with intel.RealSense.Viewer and converting it in some other formats instead .bat (like mp4 or others), can be usefull?
Maybe this ToObservable node can allow to use a sequence of frames?

hey martina, adding such recording and playback features is something we may be able to offer to you as custom development. please get in touch via with more details for your requirements and we can figure something out.