Realsense depth stream z16



With the last patch david_sh posted? I’m trying to get it work for days but no luck.

The root node flashes red every 5 seconds but other than that there are no red nodes or missing dependencies and the log only shows this:

00:03:30 ERR : Exception occured in TMPluginWrapperNode.Evaluate
00:03:30 ERR : One or more errors occurred.

I would really appreciate some help to solve this.


I didn’t go further than the last patch. At the opening I often need to unplug/plug usb/reopen patch but once it run it not crash. Those 5 seconds may be related with waitforframe node, try to tweak “timeout_ms” to 0 and back to 5000 or remove/recreate it (don’t know what it exaclty do but I remember did it once). Also make sure to use perfmeter2 from Microdee’s pack. There is definitely something missing to make the patch stable.


Thanks for the help! I got it working by using an older DLL, the most recent one caused the freezes with the patch. Also got it to work with DX11 particles by casting the depth array to Float32 with marshal and linq which is probably not the most efficient way but works quite well.


older DLL? shall we know the version? is it included in an older SDK version (current ver: 2.18.0)? THANKS




Thanks for this!

Is there a way to turn the point cloud from the realsense into blobs for openCV blob detection?


I suggest using Blobs(particles.selection) from the dx11 particles pack.
Drawing the particle system and then using open CV is kind of dirty and has more computational overhead - but should also work: render the particle system from one side with an orthogonal perspective and feed this texture into openCV.


Hey, thanks for this!

Yeah that’s what I have been trying to use but I am having trouble creating the particle system to connect to the blobs node. I am trying to use to use the X,Y from the point cloud to create particles but I am relatively new to V4 and am finding it tricky. Could anyone see if they know where i’m going wrong?

Realsense_d430_pointcloud.7z (1.6 MB)

Thanks guys!


Just received the RealSense D435, the Patch is working good !
Would anyone be interested in pooling resources for the integration of Realsense cameras? Calibration, Color integration, filters and multiple devices, Rec&Play…

Could this speed up integration and increase the number of users and contributions?