Really no binsized spline mechanism?

I just wanna make absolutely sure before I write my own - there’s no way to binsize b splines, correct? The current Bspline node (and all similar as far as I can tell) takes a count for knots but it only looks at the first one and assumes all splines have that same number of knots. At first I thought the PathVectors contribution might work, and while it has a bin size, it only spreads along a paths passed in to it so I need my bin sized b splines created before PathVector so that doesn’t work either.

If there’s no way to do it then I’ll write my own.


did you check the helppatch of B-Spline (Value)? it explains its inputs Inputs Per Curve and Controls Per Curve which should do what you expect (if i understand you correctly).

Hey joreg - thanks for the response. I’m enclosing a patch which convinces me that B-Spline doesn’t do what I want. If you think I’m not using it correctly, or am concluding incorrectly, I’d love to hear how to do this correctly. Thanks once more for being so helpful.

B-Spline Test (18.9 kB)

you’re concluding correctly. Inputs per Curve and Controls per Curve are not spreadable. means you can have multiple curves, but only if the point count matches.

Thanks for confirming woei. Okay, I guess I’ll do it.