Really nasty renderer behavior requires machine hard reset

This is something I have only started seeing in the last few months. It happens with 33.7_x86 on Win7 x64, and on multiple machines from a laptop with Intel HD4000 to systems with dual GTX780s. The only pack loaded is DX11. When I have a DX9 renderer fullscreen, and something odd happens like losing a monitor connection or a projector resetting, sometimes the windows on the screen start sort of blinking and it is impossible for anything to get focus long enough to do anything.

For instance, sometimes the fullscreen renderer that was on the projector is now on the main display, and does not respond to Alt-Enter to minimize, so it is impossible to get to the desktop. The three finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) will bring up the Windows menu of actions, but after you select anything you just go back to the fullscreen renderer. Trying to bring up the Task Manager is useless as you cannot interact with it, and even trying to reboot doesn’t work.

Sometimes I can still see my desktop and vvvv patch, but all I can do is bring up the vvvv menu - then nothing can be selected. Trying to close vvvv via the taskbar does not work. So usually what I have to do is power off or hard-reset the PC, though in a few cases vvvv has crashed.

I don’t know if this has started happening due to 33.7, or a Windows/Explorer update, but it is a major pain. Anyone else seen this kind of behavior?