Really long file paths


Hi All

I like I assume many others use Dropbox to organize my files. Having used it for years I now have a quite deep file structure in my dropbox. This means that I frequently hit the limits of the length of file paths and names.

how do you guys organize your projects to avoid this?





no seriously,
flat folder structure and short names, I guess


beginning by having dropbox installed in C:\Users<usename>\Documents\Dropbox and then have used stupid names a long time ago so that I end up having folders like _vvvv_patches\artinstallations\Longclientname\longprojectname\weirdassetfoldername\withloadsofsubsubsubsubfolders\withweirdlongdescriptivefilenames.png


Symbolic links?


one solution would be to move your dropbox to c:\D
and you have 23 more characters left for your shenanigans