Real shadow?

hi everybody!

I’m french and my english is not very good.

I’m looking for a patch to make real shadow like Photoshop. I already try the Tonfilm’s “shade on plane” (thank’s to the conceptor) but the shadow is too simple for my project.

Can you help me please?

the tonfilm module is the only way to create shadow , for a “realistic” effect try to spread the light direction or position of the shader (for exemple with a gaussian spread ) and set the alpha of the shadow mesh at ± 0.2 for create a blur effect …

maybe there are any pixel/vertexshaders out there for this purpose? anyone knows about that?

thank’s you for your responses. i’m going to try.

hi thiv!
sorry for late reply.

another very basic technique (no depth map) is now available here:

SOFT SHADOW in gregsn Modules

it is only usable for situations when you want to drop a shadow of one mesh onto another. your graphic card must support 2.0 pixelshaders.

good luck, seb