Ready for hobby robot control?


currently I use processing to control my robots.
The main tasks for processing are

  • serial communication
  • storing and changing a large (2D) map
  • drawing parts of the map
  • showing a IP cam video
  • some computer vision (color filtering and blob detection)
  • some controls for the robot

Is vvvv capable of these tasks and is it worth looking into it?


absolutely! …and working in realtime with robots is much more fun.

vvvv is propably THE ROBOT

check out
and the other robot exhibits of meso

Thanks a lot for your replies. Two more questions if I may … :

  • How well does to OpenCV wrapper work?
  • How can I compare the performance of vvvv against Processing or OpenFramework? (I know it depends on what you want to do … but in general)


regarding OpenCV there is a lot going on here vvvv.packs.image

And performance wise it really depends but I think in the low level graphics / IO there is no difference between them, just that you are faster with vvvv and in high-end graphics and real-time animation vvvv is the fastest framework when it comes to your own performance (putting together the program and debugging). And in vvvv the users have ported already most of the nvidia shaders, so altogether you have crazy good graphics and performance if you know what you are doing. But this point goes to all of the frameworks. In theory they all can perform really good and you can implement all kind of algorithms for every kind of task. It might just be harder starting with the code.