Reading video from the internet

Hi all,

I’ve started to get back into using vvvv again to work on a project called

Can someone show me how you read a video and/or flash file from the web so that it can be played live in VVVV. I’ve played with HTTP Get and having no joy. Video playback locally - yeah - simple, but from the web, agh…

Cheers. David

can you provide an url with a video you’d like to play?

Hi joreg

Sure can!

A google sample:-
(though you need to pass the autostart parameters)
taken from this page:-

what a voice she has…

A youtube sample:-
taken from this page.

A bbc sample:-
Can vvvv handle asx playlists, such as?
asx stream

cbc sample:-
Johnny ‘Unpleasant’ interviewed
taken from this page.

Internet archive sample:-
taken from this page.


that is not possible. yet. it shouldn’t be too hard to fix that for the next version though. at least concerning urls that directly point to a file, like:

the playlist (.asx) should be possible toooo, say…on popular demand…

googles and youtubes seems a bit more difficult. Renderer (Flash) should be able to play at least googles (which directly points to a .swf file) but doesn’t…no idea about that.

Thanks for looking into this.

It would be great to see, in the next release, the ability to read a video file from the internet.

Regarding playlists, could we have m3u and asx formats? We are looking to mix audio and video steams in realtime.

In the meanwhile - I’ll have a play with the google/youtube files…

Also, whilst I’m on the subject of streaming, could the mms (Microsoft Media Server) protocol be included alongside http so that streaming media can be called?

Should I add all this to vvvvorums > Wishlists ?

influencer just made me fix support for url-files: seems vvvv can now play .wmv, .mpg,… files via http:// and mms://

playlists will have to go to the wishlist and wait for some more popular demand.


so cool - thanks joreg!

  • playlists (at least the M3u type) are a rather trivial matter. You could easily patch a basic playlist player yourself. Just check them out in notepad. They’re plain ascii files.

  • call me the workaround weirdo: You can indeed play back many streaming media with the help of the renderer (HTML) node. consider it a javascript player. I managed to get streaming audio into v4 this way. Obviously, you won’t get a great performance in terms of frame rate. But if you’re working with the internet you’ll be used to latencies, right?

Hi Max, you vvvvorkaround vvvveirdo ;-p

Latency- yup. It’s not a problem for this project. I’m more interested in what can be done with the objects and having fresh media to play with. I’m not after a straight playback of media files.

Do you have the example patch at hand? I’ve been avvvvay from vvvv for a few years (first used the original release up to v3, and now trying to get back into vvvv way of thinking). Damn, it’s addictive. Grrr.

I see what you mean about M3u playlists. Yup - of course.

it’s one of the few patches i ever made (public):

note: there seems to be a bug in the current beta, just noticed this morning that some http nodes are missing. try to open it with an older version of vvvv.

Some of the URLs are outdated. check them in a regular browser first…

if you do reuse it, be so kind and post your module!

looked at the patch in beta10: You need to add “renderer (HTML String)” under the leftmost switch.

Cheers Max. Yup, got it to work fine. Very very nice indeed. Thank you!

I plan to spend some time tomorrow playing with the patch and I’ll post the results.

Joreg - When will the next release of vvvv be available with the support for url-files?

sorry. no date planned yet…