Reading big xml files

Hi, I am trying to read xml files from openstreetmaps. the files can be big, something like 4 mb and up. i am using the “reader (file)” node and extract the data i need with several “xpath (xml)” nodes. but when I read the file it takes very long, the computer is frozen during that time. and at file sizes from around 1 mb my computer never wakes up again.

is there a better way to reading xml files, or do I just need a better computer for these kind of files?

thanks for the help!

I think the xpath nodes are the problem. the reader node on itself loads the files in seconds.

if you can code, it might be better to create a plugin and parse the data with c#…

try to avoid IOBox (String) carrying those large strings. they eat performance because they try to render the text in the GUI! if necessary use S (String) and R (String) instead.