Reading and Editing Lists in XML

Hi there,

I guess I’m stuck… Looking for a smart way to store lists of values in an external file, Björn pointed me to the fact that XML might be worth a try. After checking some docs about lists of enumarated values I started to wonder how that is implemented within vvvv.
I didn’t even manage to track a value and I have really no idea on how to add something to a field.
So any idea on how to create and extend lists would be welcome. And if utilizing XML for a task like this is nonsense, kick me…

hi sven.

XML makes sense if the structure of your values is nested somehow. i did not exactly understand what kind of values you are trying to store. maybe you can post an example?

or do you try to extend enumerated vvvv lists? or create new ones?

No, it’s basically just a bunch of properties like size, position etc. with an extensible list of values such as “value of size at index 1,2,3…”.