Reader & XPath with XML files having ASCII codes


With Reader (File), when I want to read a XML file having ASCII codes (like tabulations), I have in the output all the content in only one line, and then XPath can’t do anything with it when it’s too long.

See the attached patch to understand, I put 4 short basic examples :
1/ XML file without tabulations ==> OK
2/ XML file with spaces as tabulations ==> OK
3/ XML file with tabulations, so all tabulations and spaces are converted in ASCII codes (ex: #32 for spaces) ==> only one line, but OK
4/ the same, but much longer ==> there XPath is out, the line is too long

I could use spaces instead of tabulations in my XML file, but…
Is there a way to solve this problem ?

Thank you (2.5 kB)

I’m confused.
My problem didn’t come from the ASCII codes, but came from my ignorance about XML !!
Even if I don’t need it in my wanted structure, XML needs a root tag. Which I didn’t do…

Sorry for all ! (maybe someone can erase this topic…)

hi got similar problem… is there any way to get the data spread form a gml file using xpath? as it is xml based file format… here is more about the gml

it would be so cool to use them in patches

any hits would be apritiated. simple gml file in attachement

155.gml (27.7 kB)

maybe xpath is faster/better but with RegExpr you can use the data as well

she.v4p (20.8 kB)

hrovac, you just made my day! thank you:)