Reader - updating file textures dynamically

hi there,
i would like to read in a spread .png files from a folder on my harddrive. is there a little patch for that?
if i connect the reader node to the output of the writer “currently saving” and i add the string .png and then connect it to the file texture it doesn’t work.
please help

wouldnt just entering the file_name_ in the FileTexture do the trick? check the help file for Dir

the Reader might come handy in combination with DynamicTexture (String) - but the FileTexture can deal with the loading itself.

kind of yes…but i need the process to be dynamic. the files in the folder might change and if preload them with the file texture itself it doesn’t work anymore.

there seems to be a bug. in the dynamic texture string helpfile when i rollover the input of the dynamic texture a long grey bar appears on my screen displaying (sometimes) crazy ascii.
the vvvv likes to crash. i had the same problem experimenting with the reader node…

any idea?

the files in the folder might change
but isnt this what the Reload pin at the FileTexture node is for?