Reader + Separate = strange behaviour


I am having a little trouble with some unexpected behaviour of the reader(file) and separate(string) node.

I have a patch which basically saves a lot of values from a spread into a long string and into a .txt file. That is then read in a different part and the process reversed. Nothing new here…

Now i want to be able to switch which file it reads, basically a way to read one of a few files like presets.

So i made a presets folder and using Dir and GetSlice to choose the file. Now the weird part:

The chain: Dir->GetSlice->Reader->Separate doesn’t let me connect between reader and separate, even though the output is not different to when it was just the one file connected to reader.

Equally taking the route of: Dir->Reader->GetSlice->Separate doesn’t let me connect between GetSlice and Separate, even though once again the String is exactly the same.

Am i missing something ??

Thank you, Armin.

Hi Armin,
Have you an example?

hei armin,

connections are typically only refused when you’re trying to patch a feedback, see: creating feedback loops

if this is not the case for you please attach the patch that shows this problem.

Hmm, i would, but it seems it’s a lot stranger than i thought. If i make a new patch and put those nodes together it works fine and as expected.

Paste it into my patch… still seems fine.

Now i want to connect the other parts, it doesnt let me connect the output of Counter to GetSlice index. WTF !!

No matter what i do, i add a node in the new file and it works as expected. Then i copy it over to my main patch and the next thing down the line doesnt let me connect, where it was working absolutely fine when it was just one file.

Once again, Frame Delay came to the rescue even though i absolutely don’t understand why in this case :) The only difference is that i want to load more than one file. Oh well.

So, thanks for your answers, but it seems i can’t really show you the problem, as it only seems to happen in my large patch, which i wont post here, as it will be way too confusing (node count: 679) :/

then what about a screenshot at least that shows the moment where you have a link on your mouse that you cannot close on your desired pin…

Though you would probably already done this, may I suggest you to look for dead\wrong\double …?
You can limit your search to involved nodes through their IDs and simple XML Query.