Reader or Exelreader help

I really need a hand i’m not super experienced.

I’m trying to create a patch that reads data from an excel document.
The numerical values are different in crescendo, they are distributed on a column and are about 300, I would like to try to show N quad as many as are written in the box (number 1) and then move on to the next (number 2) and so on.
Would anyone know how to help me?

I tried to use both Excelreader and Reader but with no results.

Thanks Martin

Attach some example data, makes it a lot easier to understand your “problem” and help.

…I know that maybe I was wrong but I need some suggestions

As bjoern pointed out above we need to see your excel file and also maybe a sketch of what you’re trying to achieve. your description alone is too vague to help you.

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