Reader Error When Connected to Named IOBox


Noticed that when an IOBox(String) with a Descriptive Name is connected to a Reader input (filename) it fails to load the data; if the IOBox(String) has no Descriptive Name, the loading of data is ok. ??? Haven’t tried this with Writer yet.

might you have to setup filename for your IO box input type in inspector

Yep, that’s ok there.

Sorry, no time earlier to post an example. The attached testfile.txt is somehow causing this error when the IObox has a name, but if the IObox has no Descriptive Name, it is ok to load. Maybe somehow related to file length? oowhot?

FileOpenTest.v4p (1.3 kB)
testfile.txt (4.4 kB)

hei xirja,

i doubt it has something to do with the ioboxes name. try connecting an iobox to the readers output and it should always return an output when you read. the reader only reads when at the moment of reading someone is actually requesting the data. this is a bit odd in case of the reader, but usually you’ll have something connected downstream anyway. was that it?

hi joreg,

yep, that’s what was confusing me, the naming terminates the reading, what???

Ok, I was using beta 25.1 for this to occur. Using the same testfile.txt as previously uploaded try the following FileOpenTest2 in beta 25.1. In 27.1 it isn’t a problem.

I’ll make use of 27 now, thanks.

FileOpenTest2.v4p (4.1 kB)