Read raw data from mouse

Hallo is it possible to read the raw data from a mouse, I am trying to read the movement of the mouse but in a “endless” mode, in other words using the mouse as an odometer.
Apparently the HID node can’t read the mouse data.

we did something like this with glovepie and vvvv some time ago.
should be able to continuously read mouse movement.

Mouse (Devices Desktop) has Raw mode with endless mickies (aka pixels). FrameDifference it and voila you get mouse speed endlessly

Ok that works thanks, now I can see that I can even decide, with the ID pin, to choose which mouse I want to read the data from. But, would it be possible to somehow disable one of the mice to be used as “pointer mover” on the system?
That is using a mouse as odometer the other as normal system mouse… I guess this is more of a Windows question than a vvvv question but I couldn’t find any info about that.

for that you have to implement this in C++/CLI to use it in vvvv:
but it’s quite simple, I just didn’t have the priority yet

I managed to get this functionality with TeamPlayer. tx

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