Read-Only Window(Windows)

It would be nice if there was a read-only way to get information about window placement. Right now the Window node gives me this information, but it also automatically writes to the window, often resizing it when not wanted.
I thought the repaint pin would be something like the “write” pin, but it doesn’t seem to work in that way.
Am I missing something or is this indeed a “write-only” node?


hm, but doesn’t Window (Windows) only change windows when you change one of the inputs X, Y, Width or Height? so as long as you don’t change any of those you can just read the windows position and size, right?

the repaint pin is for forcing a window repaint when everything got messed up.

yes, retrieving values works normally.
but when i open the patch and the target window was already open before, it will resize it to (1,1) and place it in the middle of the screen.

…i just figured i could just switch to -1 as handle OnOpen. but it’s still a hack :P
// edit: that works fine, solved my problem - but perhaps it’s still something one could change in the window node?

(using windows 7 by the way, but i think i’ve had this on xp before too…)