Read dir, make pull down?


i don’t get how this enumerations work. how to create a dropdown or clickable list from a directory file list that comes as a string spread?

if i create a enumeration iobox, it’s always filled with 2 audio options, and i can’t link the “createenum” into that iobox.

so how to do?


yours truly,
the schlonz

avoid that whole createenum-thing whenever you can.
it’s not only this known bug: you also may notice some (not reproduceable) strange behaviour of vvvv while using it.

but maybe you find something reproduceable and report it so the devvvvs can fix it.

maybe TreeView (String) or TreeView (String Advanced) are useful to workaround here.

i think the helppatch of TreeView (String Advanced) was created in a time when the LFO didn’t have a cycles-pin…