Read a mail on vvvv

hi! i’m new on vvvv
i need to read my email on vvvv?
how can i configure an email account?

hei mattia, i’m afraid you’ll have to rephrase that…what exactly are you asking?

hi joreg!

I nead to have the texts of the mail account on vvvv.
i want to reproduce the texts of the mail on vvvv, just to do an interaction with monitor during a meeting. can u help?

Hey vvvvmattia,

Check out ListEmails (Network POP3) node’s help patch !

hi sebescudie!

I try to use this node. But i cant configurate my email account.

We’d need a bit more details to help you, what problem exactly are you running into ?

i cant understand if my configuration is correct, bacause i cant have feedback


From what I’ve read, it seems that Gmail requires SSL (port 995), which this node does not seem to implement. I’ve tried with a Gandi mail box and it works just fine. Someone would need to update this plugin.

Maybe you could try with another mail provider ?

now i try to use other provider

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