Re-Build a Spread

Hi guys! I got a problem working with GetSpread and SetSlice.

I have a spread (1) and I wanna make some operation in a subset of that spread (2) and a different operation on a different subset (3)

After this operations, I’d like to rebuild the spread (in the same order)

Using (more or less) the same indices, I can do it in two different operation, but I’d like to make it using only one node (I don’t know in advance how many different operation I have to do on different sub-sets)

But the result is totally different O.o (4)
I was expecting to have (1)=(4) in this example
Someone can tell me what I’m missing?

GetSet2.v4p (21.8 kB)

GetSlice (Spreads) - SetSlice (Spreads)
GetSpread (Spreads) - SetSpread (Spreads)

you might want to use the equivalent Set operation so you don’t have to change the indices, binsizes and counts…

I think you are right, unless when you get from the original spread more than one kind of subset. In this case, you have to change in some way indices, binsizes or counts

and again, I’m missing something here to make it work right :(

GetSet3.v4p (8.2 kB)

happy easterbunnies

check patch with SetSlice (Spreads)

gotta check the code for SetSpread (Spreads) for some binsize-slice confusion, because you’re solution was supposed to be working

GetSet4.v4p (8.7 kB)

Hi woei, happy easter!
I have the feeling about little binsize-slice confusion in SetSlice too
BTW thanks a lot :D