RDMP h264 stream into VVVV?

We have two Panasonic AW-HE60S that I would like to track face and move accordingly to keep the person in view.
Is there a way to get the RDMP stream into VVVV for analyzing?

Controlling the camera was super easy with HTTP node.
I plan to get a hand controller to control the motion in style, the AW-RP50 is ok but it can’t control two cameras at the same time so you can’t get gliding crossovers etc.

btw is there any hope getting the HD-SDI version to output 1080p/50?
HDMI version does it but not HD-SDI version for some reason, and I don’t get why.

I should have searched for RTSP instead.
Found some info about VLC but I can’t get that to work. No matter what it simply don’t want to receive a stream.

Moved over to MJPEG but VVVV won’t have any of that.
HTTP(get) happily receive the stream but I can’t do anything with it(or I at least don’t know how)

HTMLtexture also happily receives the stream but it won’t output a texture.

HTML renderer only displays a red cross where the image should be (made a simple html page that works fine in firefox)