RCP always sends all parameters to client

We have found a bug in the RCP (Rabbit) nuget VL.IO.RCP. Current version we tested with is 0.4.11

When you send or receive one slider value, all parameters are sent to all web clients again.

It becomes very problematic when you have a few thousand parameters like in our case. Normally you probably dont notice it.

You can use the rabbitcontrol client in debug mode to see what is being sent and received. Just add “?d=1” to the URL.

You can see this behavior in the help patch “How to expose Parameters.vl”. Just use “RabbitControl Web Carrot” and open the web browser console. Then change one slider either in the web or in VL and see that all are being sent again.

thanks for pointing this out. it is fixed with the latest version of VL.IO.RCP

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